Viviane Gringer
Years in business: 27 
Languages: English, French, Arabic, 
Specializes in: Europe, Morocco, Caribbean, Anguilla, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia

A little bit about Viviane

Born in Morocco, Viviane is fluent in French, English, Arabic and conversational Italian and Spanish.

She found her passion for travel while working for the United Nations. A previous career working for one of the world's leading wine importers enabled her to hone her skills as detail oriented planner and an expert in concierge style travel. Viviane's passion for other cultures motivated her to extensively travel to Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, Australia, Israel and the Caribbean, enabling her to design experiential trips for individuals, families and groups.

 These experiences led to Viviane's focus on creating unique and unforgettable honeymoons.

Funny, memorable story

One of the funniest and memorable stories was when a client going to a black tie affair in Rome, called in a panic stating that she had packed 2 different shoes and was in a bind not knowing what to do since all the stores were closed when she found out. After many telephone calls to the front desk at the hotel, Viviane managed to have the concierge call a friend who came with a Vespa and took the lady in distress very fast through the streets of Rome to find an open shoe store. The client has never forgotten this story and has in fact invited the young man to NY on vacation.

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