Marilyn Epstein
Years advising: 30+
Languages: English 
Specializes: honeymoons, golf, US and international

A little about Marilyn.

I am known as the "Map Lady" in the office. I have accumulated a very extensive collection of maps. Very useful, when creating multi-destination vacations.

I love to work with couples planning their honeymoons. Whether it's an exotic destination, romantic islands , adventure, cultural or R&R, every trip is customized and unique. I personalize each experience and hope to make each couples dreams come true.

I also work with Multi Generational families. It's the best way to have lasting memories of special vacations.

I am an avid golfer and have worked with many golf groups. Ireland and Canadian Rockies are two of my favorite golf destinations.

Travel has become a large part of my life and I love to share my experiences with my clients.

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