Christina Martincic
Years in business: 23 
Languages: English, Croatian 
Specializes in: Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist, Platinum Sandals & Beaches Specialist, Family vacations


A little bit about Christina.

Why are you a travel advisor?  

What is your passion about travel? I enjoy helping couples plan the most important day of their lives, their destination wedding and the beginning of their happily ever after, their honeymoon! 

I Really love to see new and exciting places. It's great to experience different cultures, sights, food, music...

Most memorable trips?  

I enjoy ALL my trips, each has something special & unique to offer it is so hard to just pick one!

Favorite Trip out of memorable trips? 

I love the beach and have traveled to many islands  but the two that stand out in my mind are Croatia,  and Ireland.

Who or what is your dream travel companion? 

I have always enjoyed traveling and my husband and I have experienced some great travel experiences. My son is 5 yrs old now and we look forward to continuing to travel with him and share our love of travel. Seeing his face when he experiences new thing brings such joy to our hearts.

Funniest travel story? 

On our honeymoon, my husband and I spent part of the time at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort.

We had been in St. Lucia for the past 8 days and had not been able to phone home to our families yet. It was early Sunday morning, and when we woke up there were giraffes feeding right outside our balcony! I was so excited I decided to call my father-in-law knowing he would probably be up. When he answered the phone the conversation went like this:

Tony: Hello?

Me: I’m lookin at giraffes!

Tony: What?!

Me: I’m looking at giraffes!

Tony: Who is this?!

Me: its Christina, there are giraffes feeding outside of our room!

Tony: Oh! glad to hear from you guys. Let me talk to my son...

 so i put my husband on the phone and his dad proceeded to tell him what he heard a woman say on the phone:

..."i’m lookin at your A$%!.....

to this day we laugh about it every time. 

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